Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Your Church

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Your Church

There are numerous WordPress themes for churches available on the internet today. You would be inclined to think that the only difference among them is how they look. Well, isn’t that’s what WordPress themes are actually supposed to be about-lending your church’s website a specific appearance? Alas! There is a whole lot more to consider while selecting a WordPress theme for your church.

Here are certain things to consider:

Is the WordPress Theme specifically related to a church?

A church-related WordPress theme provider is already well versed with the requirements and anticipations of the website’s visitors. This is why not just any theme works for a church’s website. 

What are the church-related features offered by the builder?

Several WordPress plug-ins handle sermons (in all audio/visual/text formats), locations and events separately. Make sure that your theme has all these plug-ins in place. Furthermore, plug-ins should also be inbuilt to handle the contact form and online giving.

Is the lock-in effect avoided by the theme?

For a good theme developer who follows all of WordPress’ standards, switching to another theme for your website should not be much of a problem! You should not be forced to continue using a theme in fear of data loss from your previous website. 

If your WordPress theme follows all the above preconditions, you can be sure of having chosen the right one! For more information, click on:

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